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We all have that one particular time, when laziness sets, especially when you know you ought to do something. Such a moment set in, was in my vacation as I struggled to find the urge to write, but well atleast I tried my level best. So, BURIFY, comes from a place where i wanted to come up with a creative name that is really short for a poetry book, being the third of the 3 i put out.; besides ‚STELLAR YOUTH‘ and ‚RUSTY Verses‘. I wanted it to have a brief title,as most pieces written in here in it are really short, with a few exceptions that are slighly lengthy. The lead poetry piece ‚Flowers‘ is only about 6 to 7 lines only, second to it in being short is ‚Dilemma‘. The longest must be ‚Legendary Spell‘ which tells of a love story between two people out in the wild. I also went out on Social media for the fact that some how it has done more harm than good, in the present day (Anti-Social Social Media). I also express my gratitude in the ‚Grateful‘ poem, because most times we are caught up in what we want, and forget to appreciate what is before us, so I appreciated everything and everyone iin mylife, right from my hands, to my eyes and feet. These pieces are as short as can. Well, to leave the excuses aside, i was somewhat laidback as i wrote the poems in this fianl book. ‚I Won A Lottery‘ was about the joy of salvation in Jesus Christ, knowing that he gave us victory when he died for us on the cross, and the closing poem is ‚Happy Family‘ is like a child’s form of word play with rhymes. I hope you can relate, and I look forward to hearing from you my dear readers… Dedicated to all my readers, especially to those who might struggle with finding inspiration to write. All I can say is ‚Just Do It‘.

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